The Rough Cut
The rough cut is where the magic happens." We all experience struggles with being creative, believing in ourselves, and finding the best language to share our ideas. There's an infinite battle between the concept in our minds and what gets put to paper. This short is all about the creative process, and how vulnerable we are as artists. Because this is a universal experience, we connected with friends from around the world and enlisted their help in telling this story. Oh, and we also used their true voices in the voiceover. Here's to the artists! Here's to the creative process! Here's to the rough cut!
Collect of idents I realized for Paramount Networks. Three different declination for the on air of the film "Grease".
# FIAT / Animated stickers
Set of GIFs I animated for Fiat during 2019. This serie of stickers and gifs has been made to be used on social media by FCA's audience.
# HEALTHCARE VIDEO / Undisclosed Client
Great teamwork for this healthcare video on which I had a pleasure to work on. This is an edited version, removing any mention of the brand/client.
# WELCOME / Discover & Embrace Diversity
Welcome aims to visualise complex areas such as Student Voice, Social Inclusion, Prevention, and Diversity by using shapes, movements, colours, and sounds, without any linguistic filter.
# JOVANOTTI / Animated Covers
Animated covers for "Oh Vita!", the new album released by Lorenzo Jovanotti.
# KOBE BRYANT / Booktrailer
Booktrailer for the released of Francesco Poroli book, "Like Kobe".
# THE TELEGRAPH / Words Chosen Well
My personal edit of a tv commercial and digital for the Telegraph’s "words chosen well" campaign.
# CN / ID Re-Brand
Collect of loop-able GIFs animation I worked on for Cartoon Network. These elements were produced to re-brand CN On Air and social presence for 2016.
# INTER / Christmas Social Campaign
Gif animations series I created for "Inter" with the illustre collaboration of Francesco Poroli.
# BANZAI / Animated loop GIFs
Set of loop GIFs I animated for "Banzai", the most important Italian society of e-commerce.
# Motion Reel 2015
Hello folks! Here I am with my new Motion Reel 2015. I hope you will like it :) Peace & Love
# MTV / Parental Control
Promo & Graphics Package I produced for "Parental Control" - MTV - Milano Design Studio.
# MTV / Se mi posti ti cancello
Graphics Package I produced for "Se Mi Posti Ti Cancello" - MTV - Milano Design Studio.
# GOOGLE / Gomo
Google lauches Gomo, its new service for mobile phones.
# MTV / Hipsteria
Bumper & Logo Design I produced for "Hipsteria" - MTV - Mtv Milano Design Studio.
# Satellite of Love
My personal and very shy tribute to one of my fav singers ever. Love Lou.
# REAL TIME / Molto Bene Idents
Collect of Bumpers and Idents I produced for "Molto Bene" - Real Time - Discovery Channel.
# DRIBBBLE / Happy 5!
5 as the maximum days we want to work in a week! 5 as the minimum drinks to shot in one night to cheer our guest of honour! Last but not least, 5 as the players on the basketball pitch!
# REAL TIME / Molto Bene Promo
Promo I produced for "Fuori Menu" - Real Time - Discovery Channel.
# Eighteen seconds of harmony
Personal project about harmony. Take the time to do what makes you feel alive.
# REAL TIME / Fuori Menu
Collect of Bumpers I realized for "Fuori Menu" - Real Time - Discovery Channel.
# ILLY / A cupful of creativity
Who doesn't like coffee? Short slice of videos I produced abuot Illy's coffee for Expo 2015.
# Love / Lose
Even if it's Valentine's week and love reigns supreme, I come with this simple gif inspired by a song I deeply love!
# Merry Sweety Christmas
Here I am with my best wishes for a Merry Sweety Christmas to all of you!
# Last Minute Market
A stop motion video I created for my graduation about the waste of the food in Italy.